11 Simple Tips: How to Control Anger?

Anger management

Anger is a normal feeling that anyone can experience. However, it becomes problematic, when it leads to aggression and physical altercations. To get rid of this situation, many people ask us how to control anger. Below are some lifestyle changes that can help as anger management.

Think Before You Speak

Take your time to say anything. Judge the situation first and then give your compliment. If you don’t do that then you’ll later feel ashamed that can change your mood and can cause trouble for someone around you.

Express your Anger:

As soon as you are calm and cool, express your irritation positively so that others can avoid that action. Without hurting or damage others, just try to realize them that it’s not your fault.

Get Some Exercise

Physical activities can help you to reduce the tension, this will minimize your anger and you will feel relax. If you feel that you are getting angry then go outside for a walk or run, spend some time doing other physical activities.

Possible Solutions

Instead of focusing on the reasons that made you crazy, work on resolving the issues. Think to get rid out of the problem as soon as possible. If your partner is getting late every evening for dinner, you should just schedule a meal later in the evening.

When to seek

Learning to control anger is challenging to everyone at times, but it also depends on the type of anger. Seek the help of others if your anger seems out of control. Because in the end, you can harm or damage the others around you.

Practice relaxation skills

Deep breathing exercise is a good technique to control your anger. By doing this, you’ll feel relax not only physically but also mentally. You might listen to music or can do yoga or write a journal, everything that encourages your relaxation.

See a Mental Health Professional

If your anger has progressed to the point that it is interfering with your day to day life or affecting your relationship, see a therapist. The doctor can access the root cause of the problem and can give you an appropriate treatment whether you require medication, therapy, or a combination of both. A professional therapist can give you the proper relaxation techniques to use in a bad situation.

Visualize a Happy Place

If you are angry, simply imagine a place that you like and feel relaxes. Imagine yourself in the scene and think everything about that place i. e. light, temperature, and weather. Imagine that place until you feel calm.

Positive self-talk

Changing the way that you think about others from negative to a positive way, can help you to deal with anger healthily. Practicing positive self-talk will change the perception of how you see the world.

Anger Management Plan

Prepare yourself and make an anger management plan. This will help you to minimize your anger because you are fully prepared for the environment and people that you don’t like.

Get enough sleep

At least 7-8 hours of sleep is required for adults. Poor sleep can increase health problems, including your ability to control emotions. Getting enough sleep can change your mood and lessen your anger.




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