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IPTV services

What is IPTV?

If you don’t have much know-how of internet protocols, the term IPTV may seem new to you. IPTV term refers to Internet protocol television. In other words, you can say that this service provides television content with thousands of TV channels through internet protocols.

In developed countries, IPTV is getting more famous and accessible than the other four ways to access digital TV.

How does it work?

As the name suggests, Internet protocol television, the broadcast of tv channels over internet protocols. In this technique, the user enjoys the service through broadband and internet connections instead of radio frequency.

This technique of watching TV is getting more popular due to its vast covering of channels and ultra-high video quality.

However, at this stage, many people may relate it with watching TV channels on a computer using a different kind of services. But you need to know that IPTV is different than watching television on computer devices in many ways. The working of IPTV depends on how you receive the signals of TV channels; somehow, it doesn’t rely on the device you are watching.

How is IPTV different from DTH and cable set-top box?

Lets first discuss what DTH and cable set-top box are. As described above, both of these techniques work on radio frequencies for different TV channels. However, many people believe that the cable set-top box was their worst experience. In this, people have less variety of tv channels while on the other hand, DTH provides more services with vast numbers of channels.

Furthermore, we compare simple DTH with IPTV. IPTV and DTH both give the services of line TV. However, their mode of signal transportation is different. DTH uses radio frequencies to deliver the service, while IPTV uses Internet protocol, which has stronger signals and transfer rate.

IPTV also allows its users to watch thousands of TV channels from the whole world.

Advantages of IPTV

There are various advantages of IPTV on other previous services. However, the primary pros of IPTV include:

  • The first and one of the significant benefits of IPTV is its uncomplicated integrity with different IP based services such as high-speed internet or voice over internet protocol (VOIP).
  • In this, the service consumer has the choice of what type of content they want to watch.
  • It also has two way or interpersonal communication. Due to this feature, the consumer can interact with the service provider. For example, if a consumer wants to watch a favorite movie or specific program, he can request it through a TV guide. At the same time, the service provider delivers the requested services to him.
  • One of the amazing features is that this technique is compatible with all the devices such as LCDs, Projectors, TV, and even on a computer with the extraordinary video quality.

The entire above features make IPTV service worthwhile and cost-effective.

IPTV is getting more popular due to its scalable and robust features. Most of the IPTV service providers provide top-box installation services free.

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