Most Annoying Creature Of This World And Their Annoying Things


I know you understand after reading the title, about whom I am talking. Yes, you guessed right siblings. The most annoying creature in this world is our sibling. They are the main reason behind you gets scolded by your Mom. The main motive of every sibling is to irritate you. You know, sometimes I think my both siblings, are born only to irritate me. I am sure you will agree with me. Because this creature and their annoying habits are the same. So, I can understand your pain very well. Now, let’s see some most common annoying habits of them. Through these habits let’s celebrate each pain together.

Never Say Sorry

Siblings are those weird creatures who born to trouble you. And you know the most annoying part of this. They never say sorry for their mistakes. They always do mistakes knowingly but they will never say sorry. They are born to make you feel every time that you did a mistake. You know, they are not less than TV serial mother in law. Yes, I am not kidding. They are just like that mother in law, who born to annoying her innocent daughter in law.

Food Stealer

If you think that you can eat your chocolate at night and you put your chocolate in the refrigerator. Trust me, you are doing the biggest mistake of your life. You know why because you are not going to see it again. You know why because the biggest thieves are in your whom. They did not even leave the wrapper for you. Not only chocolates & online flowers delivery in mumbai, none of the food items you can eat after them.

Make Clothes Dirty

After having more clothes than you, they will always wear your clothes. You know, my little sister has more clothes than me. In fact, she has more stylish clothes than me, but she always wears my clothes. And you know, they never ask your permission before wearing it. They come in front of you after taking lots of selfies. Okay, you can wear clothes sometimes but they will never wash it. And, you know what the most annoying part of it. They didn’t even say, you that your clothes are unwashed. And you will know it when you have to wear that particular attire. You know sometimes I think for whom I do shopping.

Being Innocent In Front of Mom

You know in our mom’s eyesight our siblings are the most innocent kids of this universe. And we are the most naughty and annoying kids. Mom, let me tell you they are the double face, please don’t think they’re innocent. Always your siblings will make mistakes and they will frame you in it. They will break the glass and blame you in front of your mom. Don’t be sad I am also a victim like you guys.

Sharing is Caring

The word sharing they know not caring they know. I mean they only know to share your things not their own. We have to share everything with them for our birthday cake in the bedroom. You know it’s your birthday, but the best part of the cake they will eat. Birthday flowers come for you but you can’t see first. You know why because it’s their birthright to see it and read the message. When you will get your happy birthday flower when your siblings are tired of that bouquet. And you can’t do anything about it. You can only be angry in your mind but you can’t even show. You know why because your mom is their biggest lawyer. Because she doesn’t know the real side of them.

But you know what it doesn’t matter how annoying they are. But they always stay behind your back. It doesn’t matter what’s the situation, they always support you. You know what, our siblings irritate us a lot. But they are always ready to fight for us. In fact, sometimes our siblings fight with our parents too only for us. They always do annoying things for that we hate them. But you know, we all love our siblings a lot. I know my little brother will steal my chocolate from that corner refrigerator. But after knowing this, I always hide my chocolate at the same place. He knows I like Gulab Jammu that’s why he always buys Gulab Jammu on  Rakhi. I think this what we call real love and siblings bond.

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