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How Can You Buy A House From Auction?

Auction ceremony

Buying a house at auction is a fast process and might be risky. But you can get a better price without any bargain or maybe you pay more than the actual value. It might be risky but you can save a large piece of money through auctions.

Buying a house from the auction is not a piece of cake. You should hire an expert for this job but if you considered buying a house by yourself then keep these five key points in mind.

Find a house at auction

After you decide to buy a house at auction, the first step is to find a house at auction. Use a weekly property catalog to find a house. Mostly auctions in the UK provide properties in London and across the counties. Find a house after that go for other details.

Worth of property

Sometimes you make a bid higher than the maximum value of the property. So you need deep research about the worth of property. Decide your maximum bid according to the price of the property at auction. Your bid will not exceed the actual price of the property.

No back out

If you are the maximum bidder you cannot back out after the fall of the hammer. You must have to pay the price of the property. Experiences you get from online auctions such as eBay, people change their minds and back out. This doesn’t happen in real life.

In real life auctions, many people often apply the same rule. If you pull out of the auctions then you could face huge cost or maybe taken to the court.

Read the terms including condition carefully

The most important advice for auction buyers is to read the terms and conditions carefully. Entering a bid means you are agreeing to their terms.

You will be required to pay the charges and price in 20 Business days. So, you don’t face any unexpected costs.

On auction day

Keep calm

Many of the people find auction very exciting while others find auctions frightening. So, on the auction day, you need to keep yourself calm. Make sure that what you can spend and what you can afford. You shouldn’t bid more than you can spend.

Get there on time

You need to reach at the auction place before time. Find a suitable place where you can see the auction ceremony comfortably. 

Make sure you have everything

On the day of the auction, don’t forget to bring your ID and methods of payment. If you are a successful bidder you need you to have to pay the 10% of the deposit. And you also have to pay the fee of the house at auction. The payment completion date is often 4 weeks from the auction date. But if you fail to deposit on time, you could be sued by the seller. For this reason, paying cash is the best method for buying property.

You can also buy the house before the auction but many sellers will refuse because they know prices could leap up in the heat of the moment. Furthermore, many people ask us they don’t have enough money. That’s true, you can save money to invest or buy your own house.

Why should you save money?

save money

When you can get credit so easy, why would anyone want to save money? The importance of saving money: It allows you to enjoy and feel secure in your life. If you have cash reserved for emergencies, business collapse, or for any disaster that maybe you can try new things to get rid out of misfortune or start your new life. Saving money takes discipline. There are many simple ways to save money that you can start practicing today.

Financially Independent

Financially independent doesn’t mean you are going to rich, but if you are not dependent on any other person it will make you feel rich actually. If you have savings that you can rely upon than you are rich because if you depend on others then you feel ashamed and it directly hit your ego and confidence.

Buy a Home

Its everyone’s dream to buy their own house. And you can only fulfill your dream if you are saving money for your bright future. You won’t get a house unless you have the down payment, and you are not allowed to borrow a down payment. You must have the down payment of at least 5% of the purchase price of the house, and then the bank will consider lending you the remaining 95% of the house.

Get Out of Debts

You should save up $500 to $1000 as a reserved, at least. Because when unexpected and sudden incidents happen, you can resolve any problem using your reserve funds without using credit cards. Getting out of debt makes you feel that aren’t you spending too much? Maintaining reserve funds will also help you to think that if your expenditure is getting out of hand.

You can Lose Your job

Everyone thinks that his or her job is secure. We all know that a sudden incident can happen to anyone at one time, simply we can be fired from our job or due to some swear reasons our job can be quit. You can suddenly unemployed or your business can be bankrupt, maybe you physically or psychologically sick. Any of these things can happen to you. You will not get Employment Insurance until you have been unemployed for 6 weeks.

Saving for your retirement

You should start saving money for your retirement life as early as possible. If you don’t have a house and live in a rental apartment than its the best time to own your own house. It will also help you to start your own business after you retired from the job. If you are tired of the noise and the pollution of cities than you can simply move your house to the hillside and can spend the rest of your life fulfilling your wish.

Save money for your travel

Who doesn’t love traveling? We all love to go and see the world more than we have. Only If you are financially strong or you have savings then you are freer to satisfy your wanderlust.

Save For Emergency Funds

It’s very important to have emergency funds that can cover your sudden expenses and loss in your bad time. According to a survey, more than 20 percent of Americans don’t even have an extra $400 savings that can recover them from the emergency.


your own business

Build your dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.

Starting your own business is stressful as it needs your complete focus and a way to wealth. It is a way to build your dreams and remain successful for life but first, you are required to pay attention to your goal – running your business is a somehow stressful but good career and life choice.

Below are some ideas and guidelines for starting your business:

1.  Develop an Idea: 

The most important thing before starting your own business is an idea – you must conduct market research and think about something you are passionate about. However, field research is the main part of analyzing the market and tells you about the business plan and brand. A startup idea will be the base of your business. You must think and research about the elements that people are focusing on and which can grow your business better than anyone else.

2.  Test the plausibility:

Once you have settled down your idea then you must think about how you can manage the whole business – do people need about the product – if this makes a profit selling it? Does the product work? Will this business provides you enough sales and covers your expenses? Always make sure your idea is unique – it will make your business more successful.

3.  Develop a Business plan:

You have progressed the idea for a business – this is time for developing a plan. At this stage, you need to determine the basic cost of your product operations – an outline of how much customers will pay you for the services, which type of services you are delivering to the customers. The place for working its rent, shipping, taxes and almost the cost of everything you have to develop at the time of planning. You will need to explore the market – and think about your price is it high or low then the market demand and all other matters.

4.  Identify your market: 

The next step is to identify the requirements of the market – you need to do some homework tasks. You must have to plan your budget thinks about how much money is your requirement to target the customers towards your business. Once you think about the budget then you have to come up with ideas for marketing like shooting a commercial, market via social media which is another effective way of attracting customers. You have to think about what kind of advertising will reach your target market. You must think about time, the day, the month for effective marketing – another effective way is the television market which will enhance your business.

5.  Financial Approach: 

Once you have developed the whole business now this is time for getting finance through a bank or another resource. Further, you have to talk with your bank and ask what kind of loans they are offering and what benefits they will give to your business. The local investors also another approach to meet financial needs research the person who may have funded and can help you. You can also get help from friends and family or relatives for your requirements and more research about crowd finance this is another way for getting a loan. One thing you must make sure to provide a key in the form of a report to your financiers.

6.  Build Infrastructure:

The budget is ready now you have to make an office or rent a building for developing purposes. Purchase your equipment to start your own business this may include telephone lines, computers, and other systems. Always make a record of everything – have a website for customer attraction to make an area for customer services develop new skills to attract customers towards your business. There are further tips that will help you to be a millionaire.

Don’t late the payments – require payment within time and make sure to develop an invoice, you can also introduce the credit card system and make an online network for the business. You can also save money to invest in other local businesses.

What Are The Best Examples Of An Augmented Product

Augmented Product

An augmented product is a product that has been structured by its dealer to incorporate a few extra benefits and also highlights the physical product. In most cases, these additional advantages come as immaterial highlights and administrations that go with the purchase of that product.

Product augmentation is a promoting technique that brands and organizations use to recognize their products and offers from those of contenders to make them more significant than what other competitors are offering. To the client, it resembles getting more an incentive for their cash.

An augmented product is certifiably not a different sort of product; however, the genuine product doesn’t change. Or maybe, product augmentation just means the product accompanies a ton of added worth.

Intangible benefits for Augmenting Products

What is a portion of these intangible (elusive) values that can be augmented?

Warranty: This is a common example of intangible features that can be augmented with. In simple words, a warranty is your promise to a client, that if a product is deficient (inside a predefined period), it will figure everything out.

Free conveyance: A promise to deal with the conveyance of a product to a client can expand the estimation of the cash the client is paying for it.

In-home establishment and setup: Sending your professional to the client’s home to install a product purchased.

Updates: This applies generally to programming products. It includes giving intermittent updates to the product, which the client won’t pay for.

Client assistance and client experience: Some things like having a favorable retail outlet with the extraordinary feel and stunning client support, additionally structure some portion of product augmentation.

Others are:

  • Financing
  • Coupons
  • Free gifts
  • Refreshment while at the retail outlet
  • Free pass to events

Example of Augmented Products

Apple TV

At the point when Apple propelled its video and TV spilling administration prior in 2019, it contrived an approach to make mindfulness about it and get individuals to begin utilizing the administration. What it did was to offer Apple TV as an augmentation for the acquisition of certain Apple gadgets. The message on their official site expressed in this way: “Beginning today, clients who buy any iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod contact or Mac can appreciate one year of Apple TV+ for nothing.”

What that implied was that Apple products, for example, Apple TV, iPod contact, iPhone and iPad, would get augmented with Apple TV+ for one year. Along these lines, when a client purchases any of these gadgets, the client finds a good pace advantage of utilizing the Apple TV+ administration for nothing for a time of one year.

Laptop with carrying bag

Some of the time, when you go to purchase a PC, a few organizations offer a PC convey sack alongside it, and you don’t need to pay for the pack. It may not be a convey pack, yet perhaps a remote console or mouse. In any case, whichever one it is, the thing that you have is a case of an augmented product. The PC is the real product, yet different things are the augmentation done by the organization.

TV warranty

Various makers give a warranty on their products. For example, a TV producer who decides to offer as long as 5 years warranty each LED TV bought expanding the products with the free guarantee. The real product the purchaser is paying for is the LED TV, however, notwithstanding that (and at a similar cost), the purchaser gets a guarantee.

E-commerce shops

One of the ways numerous internet business stages drive more deals is through product augmentation. An online business webpage offering free dispatching for products from a specific value level, or a free telephone extra with the acquisition of a telephone, and so forth., are instances of augmented products.

Telecom Operators

You ought to be acquainted with this one. Telecom administrators frequently give free SMS and free information nearby voice calling plans to their clients. This is a genuine case of an augmented product. The client just pays for the voice calls (the real product), while getting information and SMS for nothing.


How to Save Water in Daily Life

save water

If you save water, you will not only cut down your expenses, you can also save the lives of many people. According to a survey, more than 700 million people don’t have access to fresh and contamination-free water sources.

Conserving Water in Bathroom

Conserving Water in Bathroom

  • Check pipes for leaks:

The leaks in your household that are unknown can waste up to 11,000 L of water every year.

If you find a leak, try to fix it. If it’s complicated, you may call a plumber.

  • Waiting for hot water

Instead of wasting the cold water as you wait for it to heat up, use a bucket and collect it. You can use this cold water in the garden.

  • Turn the faucet off when brushing

When you leave the tap running while brushing your teeth, you waste approx. 10L per minute. A survey shows that 8 out of 10 people turn the tap off while brushing or shaving.

  • Water-efficient showerheads

Many showers waster up to 5L water per minute while the other use 2.5 gallons of water per minute.

You can save 20,000L of water per year by swapping to a water-efficient showerhead.

  • Take shorter showers

Take a clock with you into the bathroom a challenge yourself to cut down your showering time. Cutting down your shower time can save up to 10 gallons of water.

Taking a shower uses one-third of the amount of water used in taking a bath, it will also depend on the size and the depth of the tub you use.

  • Use dual flush toilets

Normal flush toilets use 5 gallons of water per flush while the low-flush toilets use 1.6 gallons per flush.

The dual-flush toilet allows us to use less water to flush liquid waste and more water for solid waste. Dual-flush toilets can save up to 80L water per day.

Conserving Water while Laundry

Conserving Water while Laundry

  • High-efficiency washers

Old top-loading washers use 40 to 45 gallons per load, but you can reduce it by using high-efficiency washers or front loaders.

High-efficiency washers use less energy and water than old top-loader washers.

  • Washing one load a week

You can save water reducing your washing by one load a week, this will save almost 26,00L each year. You can use economy mode during washing this will save you water as well as electricity.

  • Use cold water

Use cold water instead of warm water because it takes water to create energy and energy is needed to warm the water, so you can save both water and energy by using cold water.

Coldwater prevents colors from bleeding as well.

Conserving water in Kitchen

Conserving water in Kitchen

  • Dishwashers

Load your dishwashers into its full capacity. If you don’t have a dishwasher then use a sink full of water to rinse the dishes instead of running water.

Don’t use pre-rinsing for every dish. Pre-rinsing the dishes can double your water use. You can collect the food waste before washing the dishes to save water and to prevent the wastewater system blockage.

  • Plug the sink

While washing the vegetables, fruits and other things plug the sink instead of using running water, by doing this you can save 10L of water.

Conserving water outdoor


  • Use a bucket to wash your car

Using a bucket instead of a pressure machine or pipe to wash your car will reduce water use.

Many commercial car washes use may use less water, most of them use the recycling system to collect and filter the water to use it again and again.

  • Cover the Swimming Pool

Cover your pool during the summer nights to prevent water evaporation. In some places emptying and refilling the pool is under restriction or even banned.

  • Greywater for the flush

Greywater is any water used in the shower, washing machine or dishwasher. Through this, you can save many gallons of freshwater per day.

  • Reuse or recycle Products

It takes hundreds of gallons to produce a shirt or a piece of paper. You can donate furniture, old clothes to charities or donation centers. The recycling process is the key thing to save the water and natural resources.

Many non-profit organizations are working on providing people contamination-free and healthy water. They aim to ensure all communities have access to clean, healthy water and to protect the supply so it stays clean for generations to come.

Shocking Facts of Food wasted in America

food waste

Food wastage is a global problem and its main cause is the unique lifestyle and lack of meal planning. Do you know that food wasted in America is more than the grain products, milk, and seafood?

Australia and the United State are at the top of the list that waste food. Research shows that food waste per person in the united state is more than 278 Kg per year while in Australia every person wastes 361 kg of food per year. These figures make them the deadliest food waste countries.

The research shows that the healthiest person in America wastes more food because of their high consumption of vegetables and fruits, which are frequently thrown out.

Approximately 150,000 tons of food is tossed out in America each day which the one-third of the daily calories consumed by people every day.

Why do we need to reduce food waste?

food wastage

A report by the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) shows the statistics of how much the food waste problem in America.

  • Around $165 billion of food each year wasted in America.
  • An estimated 40% of food is wasted in the United States every year.
  • 35 million tons of food is wasted in the United State every year.
  • The average household throws away $2,200 of food in America every year.
  • The average food thrown by American is 300 lbs every year.
  • More than 20% of the food that the average American buys is never eaten.
  • 25 million Americans can be fed by reducing the 15% of food wasted by Americans every year.

Effects of Wasting Food

The effects of food waste are more devastating than you think. The survey of NRDC tells us that the food in our plates consumes 10 % of the energy of the total U.S. energy budget and use more than 50% of the land, and consumes 80% of the freshwater in the United States.

When 135 million tons of food is wasted only in America than it means that 25% of freshwater, land and a huge amount of energy is wasted every year.

Reduce wasting Food

Food wasted in America is 10 times the food wasted in southeast Asia. A big cause is that people are not educated about the large food-making process. They actually don’t understand the far-reaching effects of food waste. They also don’t understand the label on food and waste the food too quickly. Another cause is the lack of meal planning and shopping list.

We try to buy everything that we see in the supermarket we should buy only that food which we need, unnecessary food will be thrown away.

Individuals and households can contribute to saving the food from waste but the entire food supply chain from farm to folk is filled with opportunities to reduce the food waste. With the help of organizations, we can overcome the food wastage not only in America but also globally.

Will We Loss Our Jobs Because Of AI

Artificial intelligence

We are all equipped with the best mind in the universe. In the past 50 years, humans have many achievements in the field of technology and Artificial Intelligence. AI can improve the productivity of jobs, by eliminating thousands of middle and lower –level positions. But will also create millions of more jobs for low and highly skilled persons in every field of life i.e Management, Technology, Finance, and electronics. AI can improve and groom every industry by using a handsome number of intelligent robots to increase the efficiency of work.  There is a group of people that think they will be jobless due to artificial intelligence but the truth is AI will create more scope and jobs for every person who is directly or indirectly attached to technology.

2020 will be a significant year in Artificial Intelligence related employment, as AI will become a job motivator for fresh employees. The number of jobs affected will depend on the type of industry. Through 2019 you will see high-level jobs in the department of education and science.

AI has already been implemented as highly repeatable tasks where a huge number of observations and inspections can be analyzed for patterns. AI applied to more routine work is likely to facilitate human than replace them with machines, as a combination of machine and human will perform more effectively than either highly trained human or intelligence-driven machines working all alone.

Automation in Transport

Artificial Intelligence is already started work on self-driving cars, though these type of car is not working correctly yet, in future, we will see that every transportation will consist of robot drivers, without creating any unfortunate incident.

Cyborg Technology

One of the major limitations of being human is our body and brain. Naturally, our body is restricted to do a small number of tasks with some conditions, Though many of these possible cyborg enhancements would be added for the facility while others might serve the more practical purpose.


AI just help us to process all the variables in a computerized way with the top level of confidence. From day one, computers have helped us in mathematics and then we hand over them everything and gave them responsibility. We are on a continuous journey to hand over everything to them.

A robot as a friend

Who wouldn’t want a friend with a sharp mind and extraordinary features? At this time most of the robots don’t have emotions in them but scientists are working to build this feature to make them human-friendly and to increase the reliability. However, an organization in Japan has been able to to make a robot that can understand and express human emotions.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

benefits of AI

Fast Decisions

Using Artificial Intelligence we can speed up our work. Because robots can work more than 10 times faster than human and can do a repetitive task more accurately. They have the ability to take faster decisions than any trained human.

Avoiding Error

Human makes error naturally, and make mistakes from time to time. However, Intelligent Robots don’t make these mistakes if are programmed properly. With the help of artificial intelligence tasks and data could be processed error-free, no matter how much density and ambiguous data are.

Risk on behalf of Human

Robots can do mistakes if they are not programmed correctly for that particular task. with the help of artificial intelligence, we could send our robot teams to any other planet to explore the nature of this galaxy.


Job Losses

Robots have There is a little doubt that in future robots will displace many jobs. already taken many jobs from the human. Some people think that AI will create more jobs and wealth than it destroys.

Distribution of Power

Artificial Intelligence actually carries the risk that they are taking control away from humans. Nations that are in possession of artificial intelligence could theoretically kill humans without needing to pull triggers.

Lack of Judgement Calls

Humans can take some unique decisions with respect to time and situation that artificial intelligence may never be able to do. Sometimes when we feel risk and danger we change our mindset, that these machines can’t do on their own.

How to Find the Perfect Rental Car for Your Next Vacation

perfect rental car

Vacations are an important part of your life as you enjoy the pleasant time with your family and friends but if you are looking towards the rental car for your vacations then you need to think properly.

You should need to take a deep look at your vehicle if you are renting it for your travel as you want to save your money and made a pleasure trip.

Plan ahead

If you want to rent a car for your vacations then you should need to book a car early for the destinations as you are going to pay more for the last minute booking and many rental companies offer plenty of discounts if you book their cars before time.

Check your car type

rental car

When you are making advance booking for your car then you should surely need to verify the vehicle type whether it is subcompact or luxury as they are pretty important for your travel. If you want to spend plenty of money and want luxury travel then you should book the luxury car or if you want a small and basic car then the subcompact really suits your needs.

Look at the options

You should surely look for the options available in the car just like a GPS navigation system, satellite radio or car safety as you should need to make sure these parameters before booking the car and options you required for your travel. These parameters are also important for the law like the safety seat is compulsory when you are riding a car.

Inspect the vehicle

You should need to inspect the vehicle deeply before you start your travel as you need to make sure that the registration of the car is current and doesn’t expire during your travel and also look for the condition of the car?

Whether it is reasonable for long haul journeys and suits of your need when you are on vacation and doesn’t cheat you during travel and it is a good idea for a perfect journey.

Fill up before you return:

You should need to read the parameters of the rental company and plenty’s you need to pay in case of an incident like the rental agent will provide the car with a full tank and it is your responsibility to refill and make sure you have enough time to move towards agency and avoid any extra charges.

Bring your own child safety seats

If you have child safety seats at home then you should surely use them for your travel as many rental companies charge you for providing the child safety seats as if you are traveling without child safety seats with toddlers then you should surely face a fine from the officer.

Look for perfect dates

If you are able to plan your vacation on different dates then you should look for the special discount offers by the companies as rates are lower during peak-off times and you have a chance to save your money.

Tips that will help you to be a millionaire

Become millionaire

Many people think that they could not become a millionaire because their parents are not. But according to the study, only 20% of people are millionaires because of their family, the rest of the 80% earns the money on their own. So it is proved that most of the millionaires are not inherited wealthy.

One out of every 850 people becomes a millionaire. It is a rare but achievable position. There are no reasons that you cannot be a millionaire. You can take odds in your own hands. Most people learn stock trading and other ways to earn a luxurious lifestyle. It’s just up to you start working on your ideas following these tips:

Save to invest

save to invest

At first, you need to save some pennies by doing jobs. The only reason to save it is to invest. Save your bucks in secured accounts. So you can invest it later. There is a saying, money makes money.

You have to take risks by investing your money in different ways. The more you save the more you can invest, and the more is the revenue. It depends on how smart you utilize your savings. You should also save money to start your own business.

Evaluate your financial status

You cannot proceed if you don’t know where you stand. You need to know about your current financial status. How much you earn? How much you save? Where you spend? You need to write all this down on the paper. By physically seeing your position you can make changes to achieve your goals.

If your position doesn’t satisfy you for investing, don’t get discouraged. Make positive changes in your life. Change your habits and create a plan.

Increase your income

Focus on the ways that can increase your current income. Look for the opportunity that can get you more money. Firstly look at the company you are currently employed. There are always promotions and other posts in every company that offers a higher salary. Secondly, go for other resources online work and projects that allow you to generate more income.

Start learning skills

learn skills

Learning allows you to become more professional in your fields. It makes you unable to perform your current job properly. Additional ways to learn new skills is to talk broadly with other professional. Further, it will allow you to become an all-rounded expert. Read articles, attend conferences and listen to podcasts will help you to gain more and more information.

Don’t waste money

Wealthy people avoid wasting their money on buying expensive things in their beginnings. If you dream to become a millionaire, you need to cut all extra spending from your life. You need to become more frugal in life by avoiding branded and lavish products.

Seek new opportunities

seeking opportunities

Opportunities do not fall on your laps while sitting on your desk 8 hours routine. You need to go outside and make opportunities for yourself. You also need to make your name heard so others think that you are the perfect person for the work.

If you get a business idea you need to spare more time to work on it. You need to work on it until it becomes your side income. Once your idea starts running, it becomes a million dollars baby for you in no time.

Avoid taking debts

If you want to be a millionaire, avoids all debt costs. A credit card bill is a cost that you have made without considering whether you are paying it back or not. Start treating your card as a way of an emergency not for luxury. This will help you to get rid of wasting money on shopping things you don’t need.

Strong network

Successful business persons often have a strong network with other millionaires, whether they are related to the same field or not. As a result, it is the key that you start networking with people that have passion with which to catapult you to success.

What Does Your Handwriting say About You?

handwriting techniques

Have you ever thought that your handwriting skills indicate your personality traits?
The handwriting skills of the person explain about your traits such as if you are a conscious person, concentration, how friendly you are? The size of a letter you type, the addition of space you choose the words, the shape and style you choose for the writing as all of these are important and represent the different characteristics.
Let’s have look towards handwriting analysis (graphology) for the person and know about the personality traits of you, your friends and your family!

handwriting Skills

Spacing between words:

If you love to add space between the words then you are the person who wants freedom and enjoy the beauty of life where the people who add narrow spaces between the words can’t stand alone and tend towards the crowd where wide space people hate crowd.

The size of letters and words:

The people that love to add the words with large size are known to people-oriented and well-adjusted where the people who add the small size letters while wiring are generally shy and introverted and have a strong focus towards a goal.


The slanting of letters also reveals the personality of the person as if you hate slant then you are a logical person, not emotion and remain solid and practical but if you love to slant the characters towards right then you love to enjoy the new experience and meeting with the new people. The people with the left slant are introspective and reserved and like to work behind the scene.


The handwriting skills told about every single trait of the person as a pressure of the fonts also told about the personality as heavy pressure people belong with the strong emotions and quickly react to any event where the light pressure people move place to place as they are the sensitive people.

The connection of letters:

The people that connect the letters or use the joining letters are often logical and mathematical and made decisions carefully where the people who don’t connect the letters or words are very intelligent but aggressive and curious.

Dotting your I’s:

This is the most common difference among the writing of different people as many of them want to color their ‘i’ where many of them not but the people who don’t color the letter are linked with childish and playful and considered to be artists. But the people that hate this activity are linked with great imagination and pay attention to detail.

Crossed t’s:

The people who cross the T at the very top are linked with determined people but they are stubborn and have a hard time and also have good self-esteem but those who cut the letter from the middle are self-confident in their skin but have a lack of determination.

Line spacing:

The people who are unable to write on the blank page as they have to manage the space by themselves are considered too poor management people but people with good line spacing are aware of the boundaries.
These are the personality traits that are easily indicated with the handwriting style of the person and judge the person with their writing skills.