Shocking Facts of Food wasted in America

food waste

Food wastage is a global problem and its main cause is the unique lifestyle and lack of meal planning. Do you know that food wasted in America is more than the grain products, milk, and seafood?

Australia and the United State are at the top of the list that waste food. Research shows that food waste per person in the united state is more than 278 Kg per year while in Australia every person wastes 361 kg of food per year. These figures make them the deadliest food waste countries.

The research shows that the healthiest person in America wastes more food because of their high consumption of vegetables and fruits, which are frequently thrown out.

Approximately 150,000 tons of food is tossed out in America each day which the one-third of the daily calories consumed by people every day.

Why do we need to reduce food waste?

food wastage

A report by the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) shows the statistics of how much the food waste problem in America.

  • Around $165 billion of food each year wasted in America.
  • An estimated 40% of food is wasted in the United States every year.
  • 35 million tons of food is wasted in the United State every year.
  • The average household throws away $2,200 of food in America every year.
  • The average food thrown by American is 300 lbs every year.
  • More than 20% of the food that the average American buys is never eaten.
  • 25 million Americans can be fed by reducing the 15% of food wasted by Americans every year.

Effects of Wasting Food

The effects of food waste are more devastating than you think. The survey of NRDC tells us that the food in our plates consumes 10 % of the energy of the total U.S. energy budget and use more than 50% of the land, and consumes 80% of the freshwater in the United States.

When 135 million tons of food is wasted only in America than it means that 25% of freshwater, land and a huge amount of energy is wasted every year.

Reduce wasting Food

Food wasted in America is 10 times the food wasted in southeast Asia. A big cause is that people are not educated about the large food-making process. They actually don’t understand the far-reaching effects of food waste. They also don’t understand the label on food and waste the food too quickly. Another cause is the lack of meal planning and shopping list.

We try to buy everything that we see in the supermarket we should buy only that food which we need, unnecessary food will be thrown away.

Individuals and households can contribute to saving the food from waste but the entire food supply chain from farm to folk is filled with opportunities to reduce the food waste. With the help of organizations, we can overcome the food wastage not only in America but also globally.

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