What Are The Best Examples Of An Augmented Product

Augmented Product

An augmented product is a product that has been structured by its dealer to incorporate a few extra benefits and also highlights the physical product. In most cases, these additional advantages come as immaterial highlights and administrations that go with the purchase of that product.

Product augmentation is a promoting technique that brands and organizations use to recognize their products and offers from those of contenders to make them more significant than what other competitors are offering. To the client, it resembles getting more an incentive for their cash.

An augmented product is certifiably not a different sort of product; however, the genuine product doesn’t change. Or maybe, product augmentation just means the product accompanies a ton of added worth.

Intangible benefits for Augmenting Products

What is a portion of these intangible (elusive) values that can be augmented?

Warranty: This is a common example of intangible features that can be augmented with. In simple words, a warranty is your promise to a client, that if a product is deficient (inside a predefined period), it will figure everything out.

Free conveyance: A promise to deal with the conveyance of a product to a client can expand the estimation of the cash the client is paying for it.

In-home establishment and setup: Sending your professional to the client’s home to install a product purchased.

Updates: This applies generally to programming products. It includes giving intermittent updates to the product, which the client won’t pay for.

Client assistance and client experience: Some things like having a favorable retail outlet with the extraordinary feel and stunning client support, additionally structure some portion of product augmentation.

Others are:

  • Financing
  • Coupons
  • Free gifts
  • Refreshment while at the retail outlet
  • Free pass to events

Example of Augmented Products

Apple TV

At the point when Apple propelled its video and TV spilling administration prior in 2019, it contrived an approach to make mindfulness about it and get individuals to begin utilizing the administration. What it did was to offer Apple TV as an augmentation for the acquisition of certain Apple gadgets. The message on their official site expressed in this way: “Beginning today, clients who buy any iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod contact or Mac can appreciate one year of Apple TV+ for nothing.”

What that implied was that Apple products, for example, Apple TV, iPod contact, iPhone and iPad, would get augmented with Apple TV+ for one year. Along these lines, when a client purchases any of these gadgets, the client finds a good pace advantage of utilizing the Apple TV+ administration for nothing for a time of one year.

Laptop with carrying bag

Some of the time, when you go to purchase a PC, a few organizations offer a PC convey sack alongside it, and you don’t need to pay for the pack. It may not be a convey pack, yet perhaps a remote console or mouse. In any case, whichever one it is, the thing that you have is a case of an augmented product. The PC is the real product, yet different things are the augmentation done by the organization.

TV warranty

Various makers give a warranty on their products. For example, a TV producer who decides to offer as long as 5 years warranty each LED TV bought expanding the products with the free guarantee. The real product the purchaser is paying for is the LED TV, however, notwithstanding that (and at a similar cost), the purchaser gets a guarantee.

E-commerce shops

One of the ways numerous internet business stages drive more deals is through product augmentation. An online business webpage offering free dispatching for products from a specific value level, or a free telephone extra with the acquisition of a telephone, and so forth., are instances of augmented products.

Telecom Operators

You ought to be acquainted with this one. Telecom administrators frequently give free SMS and free information nearby voice calling plans to their clients. This is a genuine case of an augmented product. The client just pays for the voice calls (the real product), while getting information and SMS for nothing.


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