What Does Your Handwriting say About You?

handwriting techniques

Have you ever thought that your handwriting skills indicate your personality traits?
The handwriting skills of the person explain about your traits such as if you are a conscious person, concentration, how friendly you are? The size of a letter you type, the addition of space you choose the words, the shape and style you choose for the writing as all of these are important and represent the different characteristics.
Let’s have look towards handwriting analysis (graphology) for the person and know about the personality traits of you, your friends and your family!

handwriting Skills

Spacing between words:

If you love to add space between the words then you are the person who wants freedom and enjoy the beauty of life where the people who add narrow spaces between the words can’t stand alone and tend towards the crowd where wide space people hate crowd.

The size of letters and words:

The people that love to add the words with large size are known to people-oriented and well-adjusted where the people who add the small size letters while wiring are generally shy and introverted and have a strong focus towards a goal.


The slanting of letters also reveals the personality of the person as if you hate slant then you are a logical person, not emotion and remain solid and practical but if you love to slant the characters towards right then you love to enjoy the new experience and meeting with the new people. The people with the left slant are introspective and reserved and like to work behind the scene.


The handwriting skills told about every single trait of the person as a pressure of the fonts also told about the personality as heavy pressure people belong with the strong emotions and quickly react to any event where the light pressure people move place to place as they are the sensitive people.

The connection of letters:

The people that connect the letters or use the joining letters are often logical and mathematical and made decisions carefully where the people who don’t connect the letters or words are very intelligent but aggressive and curious.

Dotting your I’s:

This is the most common difference among the writing of different people as many of them want to color their ‘i’ where many of them not but the people who don’t color the letter are linked with childish and playful and considered to be artists. But the people that hate this activity are linked with great imagination and pay attention to detail.

Crossed t’s:

The people who cross the T at the very top are linked with determined people but they are stubborn and have a hard time and also have good self-esteem but those who cut the letter from the middle are self-confident in their skin but have a lack of determination.

Line spacing:

The people who are unable to write on the blank page as they have to manage the space by themselves are considered too poor management people but people with good line spacing are aware of the boundaries.
These are the personality traits that are easily indicated with the handwriting style of the person and judge the person with their writing skills.

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