Will We Loss Our Jobs Because Of AI

Artificial intelligence

We are all equipped with the best mind in the universe. In the past 50 years, humans have many achievements in the field of technology and Artificial Intelligence. AI can improve the productivity of jobs, by eliminating thousands of middle and lower –level positions. But will also create millions of more jobs for low and highly skilled persons in every field of life i.e Management, Technology, Finance, and electronics. AI can improve and groom every industry by using a handsome number of intelligent robots to increase the efficiency of work.  There is a group of people that think they will be jobless due to artificial intelligence but the truth is AI will create more scope and jobs for every person who is directly or indirectly attached to technology.

2020 will be a significant year in Artificial Intelligence related employment, as AI will become a job motivator for fresh employees. The number of jobs affected will depend on the type of industry. Through 2019 you will see high-level jobs in the department of education and science.

AI has already been implemented as highly repeatable tasks where a huge number of observations and inspections can be analyzed for patterns. AI applied to more routine work is likely to facilitate human than replace them with machines, as a combination of machine and human will perform more effectively than either highly trained human or intelligence-driven machines working all alone.

Automation in Transport

Artificial Intelligence is already started work on self-driving cars, though these type of car is not working correctly yet, in future, we will see that every transportation will consist of robot drivers, without creating any unfortunate incident.

Cyborg Technology

One of the major limitations of being human is our body and brain. Naturally, our body is restricted to do a small number of tasks with some conditions, Though many of these possible cyborg enhancements would be added for the facility while others might serve the more practical purpose.


AI just help us to process all the variables in a computerized way with the top level of confidence. From day one, computers have helped us in mathematics and then we hand over them everything and gave them responsibility. We are on a continuous journey to hand over everything to them.

A robot as a friend

Who wouldn’t want a friend with a sharp mind and extraordinary features? At this time most of the robots don’t have emotions in them but scientists are working to build this feature to make them human-friendly and to increase the reliability. However, an organization in Japan has been able to to make a robot that can understand and express human emotions.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

benefits of AI

Fast Decisions

Using Artificial Intelligence we can speed up our work. Because robots can work more than 10 times faster than human and can do a repetitive task more accurately. They have the ability to take faster decisions than any trained human.

Avoiding Error

Human makes error naturally, and make mistakes from time to time. However, Intelligent Robots don’t make these mistakes if are programmed properly. With the help of artificial intelligence tasks and data could be processed error-free, no matter how much density and ambiguous data are.

Risk on behalf of Human

Robots can do mistakes if they are not programmed correctly for that particular task. with the help of artificial intelligence, we could send our robot teams to any other planet to explore the nature of this galaxy.


Job Losses

Robots have There is a little doubt that in future robots will displace many jobs. already taken many jobs from the human. Some people think that AI will create more jobs and wealth than it destroys.

Distribution of Power

Artificial Intelligence actually carries the risk that they are taking control away from humans. Nations that are in possession of artificial intelligence could theoretically kill humans without needing to pull triggers.

Lack of Judgement Calls

Humans can take some unique decisions with respect to time and situation that artificial intelligence may never be able to do. Sometimes when we feel risk and danger we change our mindset, that these machines can’t do on their own.

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